20 Years ago I felt a distinct calling from God to go into Christian music ministry. Thinking back on it, I was just a child, but God knew I needed that time to prepare for what was ahead. Although I knew Jesus at a young age, my walk with Him was inconsistent to say the least. My life, just as all lives are, was full of ups and downs. From simple stumbles, to outright rebellion. Through all of those times, God kept me afloat through my music, through the lyrics that He blessed my heart and mind with, it was my life preserver. I was also blessed with a family that completely supported me and my music. From my parents, to my sister Carrie (who eventually named the band), to my aunts and uncles, to my grandparents. Everyone had an ear to listen and a word of encouragement... I am a part of their legacy.

In the bad times, I always knew that God was there, protecting me. I always felt Him and saw Him working in my life, even when I thought I didn't want Him to. He had a plan for me, and He wasn't going to let me get away. God really began to work in me through the lyrics that He was giving me. I started seeing the lyrics touch peoples lives. God taught me patience as He molded and shaped me for His work. I heard the word "wait" a lot, and all I could do is sit back and wait for His perfect timing, as I anxiously looked forward to the day when I would see His plan unfold in my life.

1999 was the birth year of liquid currency. It was a year for extreme highs, and even greater lows. liquid currency began to play shows and won a battle of the bands. It was so amazing to see God's calling, God's plan begin to take place. But then everything changed as tragedy hit, claiming the lives of 2 family members. One guitar player, Jason Star, lost his mother. And the drummer, John East, lost his young wife to cancer. Because of these tragedies and some other things, I was left holding the pieces. I gave those pieces to God, out of confusion if nothing else, and waited. I knew God still had a plan for this ministry.

Through prayer and patience Gods hand began to stir the embers and He brought a new group of leaders, a new group of ministers (even if they didn't know it yet), into my life. Robb Largent, a Christian with a searching and wise heart, brought his jumpy high spirited rhythm to the drums. Rob Wilcox....I love this man. He came to me (or rather was brought to me by God) as a musician. But now, by the grace of God, he goes out on stage as a man of God, praising Christ for his salvation through his powerful heart lifting stylings on lead guitar. Bobby Davidson brings his passion for Christ and an amazing ability to fill in that "missing piece" on the keyboard. Ryan Hall completes the band with his heart for God and solid rhythm on the bass.

liquid currency was at last complete.

Our number one purpose is to share the Gospel of Christ. We are just blessed to be able to use music to do it. We are not just a band whose members happen to be Christians. We are sold out Christians who happen to be playing in a band. We do this to glorify the name of Christ, to further the great commission, "Go therefore and make disciples of all men, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.", and to tell those that don't know, about the joy, love and saving grace of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Our Goal is to see just one person come to know Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. And when we see that one person get saved, then one more, then one more, then one more. But it's always about that one.

In Christ, Free Hinton - lyricist/vocalist for liquid currency.